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 Birds Definitive 12v
Birds Definitive 12v
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First Day Covers

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      WWF Hogfish S/S FDC    2.40   WWF Hogfish S/S FDC 
      WWF Hogfish 4v FDC    3.54   WWF Hogfish 4v FDC 
      World of Football S/S FDC    2.04   World of Football S/S FDC 
      World of Football 3v FDC    2.04   World of Football 3v FDC 
      Royal Wedding S/S FDC    4.20   Royal Wedding S/S FDC 
      Royal Wedding 5v FDC    3.60   Royal Wedding 5v FDC 
      Royal Mail Ship 2010 4v FDC    2.66   Royal Mail Ship 2010 4v FDC 
      RMS St Helena 2012 5v FDC    3.54   RMS St Helena 2012 5v FDC 
      Revolution To Restoration FDC    6.60   Revolution To Restoration FDC 
      Paintings of Main Street FDC    3.36   Paintings of Main Street FDC 
      Margaret Thatcher S/S FDC    3.60   Margaret Thatcher S/S FDC 
      Margaret Thatcher 4v FDC    3.60   Margaret Thatcher 4v FDC 
      Lifetime of Service S/S FDC    2.40   Lifetime of Service S/S FDC 
      Lifetime of Service 3v FDC (2)    1.68   Lifetime of Service 3v FDC (2) 
      Lifetime Of Service 3v FDC (1)    2.46   Lifetime Of Service 3v FDC (1) 
      HRH Prince George FDC    3.30   HRH Prince George FDC 
      George V/London 2010 S/S FDC    2.40   George V/London 2010 S/S FDC 
      Diamond Jubilee S/S FDC    2.40   Diamond Jubilee S/S FDC 
      Diamond Jubilee 4v FDC    2.66   Diamond Jubilee 4v FDC 
      Diamond Jubilee 3v FDC (2)    2.22   Diamond Jubilee 3v FDC (2) 
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01. Battle of Britain S/S FDC
02. George V/London 2010 S/S FDC
03. Royal Wedding S/S FDC
04. World of Football S/S FDC
05. RMS St Helena 2012 5v FDC


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